Innovative and original theatre

Innovative and original theatre

Sunday, 10 December 2017

A Winter Haunt - The Chill is Rising - Gallery

Natasha Trott as Mrs Dyer
George Coker as Trooper Potts
Oli Cox as Queen Victoria's Statue
Jonny O'Sullivan as The Naughty
Jon Neill as The Mourning Snowman
Jon Neill as The Mourning Snowman
Emily Lander as The Verger
Alice Smith, Nigel Wilson and Terry Curran as the Librarians
Jack Winstanley as Mrs Jarman
The Cast

A Winter Haunt - Thames Valley TV

We had a lovely time filming this report with Thames Valley News.
It really captures and celebrates the spirit of the event!

Saturday, 4 November 2017

A Winter Haunt - The Chill is Rising - First Rehearsal

We have started to prepare for this year's Winter Haunt.
Now in it's fourth year, this exciting and chilling Christmas event has become something of a Yuletide tradition...
With 9 brand new scenes, new characters  and mix of comedy, history and horror prepare to be chilled...
Join us at Battle Library on Friday December 8th and Saturday December 9th at 7.30pm.

Tickets are £5/£4 (Library Members) and are available by contacting

Nigel Wilson as the Chief Librarian will give you a chilly welcome
Emily Lander as the Verger tells us of a strange alternative Nativity story
Jonny O'Sullivan thinks he has escaped the Krampus
Jack Winstanley as Mrs Jarman lets you in on a secret recipe (with ingredients sourced from Reading)
Oli Cox as Queen Victoria gives insight into the history of Reading
The librarians prepare to beat the shelves...

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

The Mummers and the Pappers - A New Play coming July 28th at a NUCLEAR BUNKER!

 Get your tickets by clicking on this picture right now!
Buy your tickets by clicking on this image of Mummers right now!

Tonight we don our tallow and hemp.
We dress the fool and dance the maelstrom.
Horse head cabbage head hare head ass head.
Rabbit head apple head mop head last head.
We are men of straw and string.
You walk your way to find answer or end.
We will not provide.
We will only shimmer half formed, crackling in the torchlight.
We stretch, we move in and out of dream.
The star on the floor, the antlers behind the branches.
We are the Mummers and the Pappers.

 Get your tickets by clicking on this picture right now!
Buy your tickets by clicking on this image of Mummers right now!

The Mummers and the Pappers will be performing a new play written by Chris Lambert at Kelvedon Hatch Nuclear Bunker on Friday 28th July as part of The Delaware Road...

You can get your tickets here

The Delaware Road image

The Delaware Road includes performances by:

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Shadows Between the Shelves - November 2015

The shadows return on Friday November 27th and Saturday 28th November...

Check out the exciting trailer by Oli Cox...


Sunday, 12 July 2015

Save South Street Arts Centre

Dear All,

Exiled Theatre have enjoyed the generous support of South Street Arts Centre in Reading for over ten years. It is a remarkable venue and a hub for the community. South Street Arts Centre nurtures new talent and has been a crucial element in producing new works that have won international awards. South Street Arts Centre has a rich and varied programme that acts as an antidote to the homogeneous fare served up by the Hexagon. It is vital that it be kept open so that Reading remains a vibrant, artistically diverse and exciting place to live.]

Since 2005 the following productions (many co-productions with Theale Green School) have included: The Sixth Form Festival 2005, Ship of Fools, The Simple Process of Alchemy, The Sixth Form Festival 2006, The Sixth Form Festival 2007, Hamlet, The Sixth Form Festival 2008, Loving Chopin, Local Legend (Artists in Residence Festival), Much Ado About Nuthin', The Sixth Form Festival 2009, Kill the Messenger, Funny Chekhov (Artists in Residence Festival), Deadman's Lane, The Sixth Form Festival 2010, Vampire Hospital, The Odyssey Festival, The Midwich Cuckoos, The Sixth Form Festival 2011, The James Campbell Comedy School, Poe (Artists in Residence Festival), Some Words with a Mummy, Night of the Living Dead (for Kids!), The Sixth Form Festival 2012, November the Fifth, Detention of Terror, The Sixth Form Festival 2013, Kill the Messenger, The Sixth Form Festival 2014, The Odyssey.

None of these productions would have been possible without South Street. Please support South Street by signing this petition here.

Thank you
Chris Lambert